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stephen linsteadt

art workshop stephen linsteadt

art workshop stephen linsteadt

art workshop stephen linsteadt

art workshop stephen linsteadt

art workshop stephen linsteadt

Workshop - Connecting to the Heart of Our Inner Artist

This two-day workshop is designed to help artists of all levels learn to see through the eyes of their heart. We will explore the elements of making paintings: composition, color, line, and gesture—but not in the ordinary way. We will incorporate sacred geometry into our compositional armature; the emotions of the chakras into color theory; and the beauty of curved space into our lines and gestures. A series of exercises will help participants create a new visual language for themselves—a language of the heart.

Painting opens a door to a journey that leads to a field of creativity. Creativity is the energy of love in action. By using our intuition, imagination, and inner vision we can cast light on the darkness of what is blocking us from healing or achieving our heart’s desires. The process draws out the emotions of darkness, pain, fear, trauma, and loneliness, etc. We can then face and describe them outside of ourselves as well as do something creative with them. The process transports us “elsewhere” and connects us to something greater than ourselves and our problems—to a place where we know we are infinitely loved. Art allows us to re-create ourselves with new images and feelings.

Outline of Skills Learned

• Composition and subjective lines through sacred geometry.

• How to see and draw accurately through the filter of relationship and feelings.

• The quality of line and their emotions.

• The quality of the brushstroke and what it communicates.

• Color theory and the emotional language of color.


• Practice drawing the negative space of feelings and the essence of the subject.

• Practice making expressive line and brushstrokes that have a beginning and an
end and a life in between.

• Practice mixing and applying color to create visual transitions between emotional

• Practice using art for creative self-exploration and expression – putting a face on
our creative (emotional) blockages.

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