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stephen linsteadt

Articles and Publications


Eros and Psyche Oxyrhynchus and Osiris
Gabrielle Without Her Sister Dionysus and the Leopard
On Being Human Osiris Suffocating in a Lead Coffin
Superheroes Media Man
The Egyptian Ouroboros
and the Enigma of Our Fractal Reality
Collective Unconscious (Rite of Passage)
The Floor of the Lapis Lazuli Collective Unconscious (Aion's Shadow)
Collective Unconscious (Cynocephalus) The Numinous in Art

the heart of health book stephen linsteadt
The Heart of Health:
the Pricnciples of Physical health and Vitality
scalar heart connection book stephen linsteadt
Scalar Heart Connection
scalar heart connection CD stephen linsteadt
Scalar Heart Connection
Meditative Stress Relief CD
quantum healing codes
Quantum Healing Codes
Solfeggio Frequencies for Positive Change
stephen linsteadt
Woman in Metaphor
Poetry inspired by the paintings of Stephen Linsteadt