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Mapping the Artist Stephen Linsteadt interview on Colorado Boulevard

Mapping the Artist Interview

Artist Statement

Stephen Linsteadt, born in Ukiah, California in 1956, studied painting with Marjorie Hyde at Grossmont College and graduated with honors with a B.F.A. in painting from Long Beach State University. In 1978, Stephen was an Artist-in-Residence for the City of Long Beach, where he taught painting to inner-city children. He did graduate studies at Massachusetts College of Art in Boston.

Stephen is an avid reader of Carl Jung and a student of quantum physics, cosmogony, and the symbolism of mythology. He is the founder of Scalar Heart Connection and the author of Scalar Heart Connection, Quantum Healing Codes, and The Heart of the Hero. His collection of poetry is titled The Beauty of Curved Space (Glass Lyre Press 2016).

Stephen is currently living and painting in Brasil. His current work is a play on the alchemical notion of 'as above, so below,' which he applies to Carl Jung's idea that our outer world is a reflection of our inner state. The series "Of Sky and Earth" is a tribute to John Ruskin's "Of Truth of Sky" and his deepest concerns for the environment and the world. "I always include 'The Unknown Woman" in all my work even when she is not actually represented. She represents our Soul's calling us out of the darker side of our inner state, especially with the political, social, and environmental issues activated at this time."

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“The beauty of art is that it reflects that state of consciousness from where it comes. The original reason for all art is that it leads you back to the formless, the sacred, so it acts as a portal or an access point to the sacred so that when you see it you see your self. There is always more than what you see and that shines through the form. Ultimately, it is for you to become that work of art. Your whole life and your very being become transported so the formless shines through. Something emanates through the form that is not the form itself.” - Eckhart Tolle

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