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stephen linsteadt

In-Fusion 48

The In-Fusion 48 project is a co-produced itinerant exhibition of acrylic and oil paintings that explore the common connections between the unconscious interiors of human beings and the energy of Nature through the fusion of two cross-cultural, creative processes. It is an Art Action with the purpose of infusing greater consciousness into inner and outer conflicts.

This proposal merges two creative outlooks into a single endeavor to materialize paintings that fuse North with the South from the perspective of reconnecting with the energy of Nature and her people without borders.

The objective of this project is to find new forms of expression and creativity from the connection with other artists and people within their environment by exploring the emotions and creative energy of participants and by promoting inclusion and diversity.

Initially, Stephen Linsteadt and Leoni Antequera will create paintings together at the sponsor's location or designated studio. The paintings begin with each artist introspecting from the local environment and community before coupling their mental and emotional states to evoke a subconscious movement that carries through the process via their individual techniques, materials, and sensibilities.

The last work in the exhibition, a large-format canvases, will be started on the opening day in an "infusion laboratory," and will encourage visitors to be a part of the creation of the work, as an inclusive experience of creative expression for a wide range of people regardless of age, gender, culture, sexual orientation, or artistic ability.

For more information about the project or how to participate click here

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