? The Journey of the Hero - Paintings by Stephen Linsteadt
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stephen linsteadt

The transformative process, as myths inform us, takes place within the human being having an earthly experience. It is the hero journey of the butterfly emerging from the dark chrysalis into the light. We begin the journey by allowing our unconscious to guide us into heart-consciousness. Plato said we begin loving the beauty in people and then learn to love the beauty that is unseen—the beauty of the soul. That transformative love is 'Eros' of which Plato informed us the word 'heros' was derived. The 'Hero' is an ordinary person in extraordinary circimstances. The 'Hero' is 'us' experiencing our life story.

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stephen linsteadt

stephen linsteadt

timothy bradley, boxer, stephen linsteadt

lee balan, stephen linsteadt

 Weasel with Serpent under Apuleius' Table, stephen linsteadt

unknown woman with bees, stephen linsteadt

the hero discovers identity, stephen linsteadt
 The Hero Discovers Duality, stephen linsteadt
the hero returns, stephen linsteadt

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