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stephen linsteadt

Fragment 2 l Stephen Linsteadt

Fragment 2, oil, spray paint, collage on canvas, 70 x 50 cm, 2022 - $850

Fragments of a painting of the destruction of the Mariupol theater inspired a series of paintings using bits and pieces of the original painting. In essence, the larger painting was destroyed to create standalone fragments. The concept is to mimic the way that war has many subtleties and complexities, and how the human impact has a wide range of emotional, mental, and economic aspects.

My friend and artist Laura Reymore described a similar painting as "a release of the madness of war into paint". The fragments present a suspended aerial view that hovers in a state of witness and reflection upon the human suffering and the fracturing of human lives. Additive marks of color within the scumbling brushstrokes of negation simultaneously provide a glimmer of hope that the ensuing fragments of war will lead humanity to transform fear and sadness into courage, heartfulness, and peaceful resolutions to conflicts in the future.

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