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stephen linsteadt

Blue Morph l Stephen Linsteadt

Blue Morpho, oil on canvas, 193 x 212 cm, 2021 - $7,500

"Magical blooms of color from Stephen Linsteadt's maximalist masterpiece." ~ Jennifer Gillia Cutshall, Verum Ultimum Gallery

Paint invoking connections of emotion, in dreamy morphing shapes luscious color strokes..." ~ Anastasia Nelson, Red Bluff Art Gallery

One day, I found my wife and cat asleep in the front room. I had just walked in from the studio and was not happy with the direction of the painting I was working on at that time. I showed the photo to my wife and she said, "If you're looking for inspiration, there it is."

She was right. Gustav Klimt immediately came to mind when I thought about the blank walls behind my wife. "Blue Morpho" combines my interest in the holographic nature of our physical world by the way the matrix-like underpainting is allowed to show through, and some forms are left incomplete. The canvas also provided an opportunity to explore some of my own inner workings and imagination. The dream images tend to be alchemical symbols, but others are from childhood memories that popped up in the process. The birds are all native to Brazil. I found it interesting to experience a certain sense of invasiveness while looking at another person's dreams. Yet, there is such a repose and other worldly feel about it that I find it transports the viewer, perhaps to their own fanciful imagery.

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