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stephen linsteadt

There is a movement in art. Some call it Spiritual Art. Most are afraid to be trivialized by referring to their work as spiritual. It's not really ‘new’ as the notion of art pointing to the spiritual (numinosum) is as old as art itself. In more modern times one can understand this through the work and writings of Kandinsky. His ‘point forms’ bring us back to that unfamiliar place that is beyond ourselves, beyond ego, beyond concepts. It is a place of experiencing the ineffable, almost mystical state of pure creativity – the source of the creative spirit.

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Photon 3, stephen linsteadt

Quantum Perception 20 l stephen linsteadt

Quantum Perception 17 l stephen linsteadt

Quantum Perceptions 14 l stephen linsteadt

Quantum Perception 16 stephen linsteadt

String Theory 4 stephen linsteadt

String Theory 11 l stephen linsteadt

Sound Current 2 l Stephen Linsteadt

Blue Flower l stephen linsteadt

Numinosum 4  1  Stephen Linsteadt

Point Form 14 l Stephen Linsteadt

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