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stephen linsteadt

The symbol of the two tetrahedrals mirrors the idea found in the Upanishads that we can be both external observers playing in the rapids of life, while simultaneously we are part of the ocean – the source of the river. From our perspective, we experience duality and separateness while all along, right below our raft, the current is carrying us out to sea. The paradox is that we suffer the blows against the rocks one minute and then the exhilaration of being temporarily lifted from our raft the next – a sort of bi-polar existence – while all the while the mirage of our will is being directed by the river itself. The irony is that we are the river, the current, the raft, the consciousness that is aware of the experience. We are all of these things simultaneously.

I’m always amazed to wake from a dream to find myself safe in my bed, free from the torments and life-threatening situations I was only moments before experiencing. I then wonder who created all those people in my dreams and set them out to plot against me. During my sleep, I am dreaming, unaware, unconscious of my real awake self. I am running around in my dream state as some sort of homunculus having all kinds of wild experiences. No matter how hard my homunculus tries to figure out what is going on, why things do not fully make sense, he will not be able to comprehend the ‘reality’ of his seemingly real but illusionary existence. All the while, my homunculus encounters what appear to be separate personalities and he interacts with them. The metaphor, of course, is that all of these personifications originate from the same source: the subconscious of the one who is dreaming.

osiris in a lead coffin, stephen linsteadt
Osiris Suffocating in a Lead Coffin

floor of lapis lazuli, stephen linsteadt
Through the Floor of the Lapis Lazuli

stephen linsteadt

 stephen linsteadt
Sophia and Eight Malic Forms

Alchemical Studies

ouroboros, stephen linsteadt

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